10/29/2014 01:28 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2014

This Is What It's Like To Be A Lion Killing Its Prey

Nature can be brutal.

GoPro recently released footage (below) of a human-raised lioness called Meg as she patrols the South African plains. With a camera strapped to her back, Meg does what lions do, stalking a waterbuck and taking it down for the kill.

The video begins with "Lion Whisperer" and wildlife conservationist Kevin Richardson palling around with Meg and outfitting her with a GoPro. Then Meg goes off to hunt, and Richardson rejoins her after her kill. Though he says his heart goes out to Meg's prey, he concedes that "this is nature."

While Richardson's closeness to lions he raised has generated some controversy, there's no denying Meg and her ilk's place atop the four-legged food chain.

Lionesses do 85 to 90 percent of the hunting in prides, Out To Africa notes.

Take a look at the footage from Meg's hunt (below), starting at the 2:19 mark.

WARNING: Footage is graphic.

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