10/29/2014 11:27 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2014

North Carolina Mom Delivers Twins In Minivan On The Way To The Hospital

A North Carolina mom pregnant with twins delivered her babies a bit earlier than she expected: in a minivan on her way to the hospital.

About three weeks ago -- two weeks before her due date -- Courtney DeConto began having contractions, so she and her husband Marco began the drive from Wake Forest to Rex Hospital in Raleigh. But while en route, DeConto's water broke.

The couple then called 911 from the road, ABC News reports. Though the operator urged them them to stay put, they decided to keep driving. About 15 minutes into their trip, DeConto gave birth to a son, Ransom.

“While [Marco] was driving, I still had all my clothes on," DeConto told Raleigh news outlet WTVD. "So, I was screaming 'Take my pants off!' and he was trying to drive and take my pants off, and the baby came out and my pants caught him."

A girl named Dahlia followed suit 10 minutes later.

"After [Ransom] was born, Courtney picked him up and sort of talked to him and was soothing him, in between contractions, and she was all maternal instincts like, 'Welcome to the world, we love you,' Marco DeConto said. "And same thing with [Dahlia] ... she had both of them and she was talking to them and trying to keep them warm."

The couple drove on and arrived safely at the hospital, where nurses checked over the two healthy infants. For DeConto, the fact that the situation didn't produce any complications was a blessing:

“To have both of them delivered without medical intervention -- and I'm a Type 1 diabetic as well -- there were just a lot of complications we were hoping to avoid,” DeConto said. “And in the end we avoided all of them in this crazy situation, so we just felt really blessed.”

The twins are currently healthy and living at home with their parents and older sister, ABC reports.



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