10/30/2014 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Down Syndrome On His Birthday, Is A Real 'American Bad Ass'

He might be a “Devil Without A Cause,” but Kid Rock also proved himself to be a real stand-up guy this week when he gave one of his biggest fans a wonderful birthday surprise.

In August, Dan McGurk, who has Down Syndrome, posted a video on YouTube in which he invited his favorite singer to his upcoming birthday dinner. “It’s not until the 27th [of October],” McGurk said in the clip, showing off his sizable collection of Kid Rock memorabilia.

“I’m the biggest and number one Kid Rock fan,” he said in the video. “Please be there for my 30th birthday … I hope you come.”

McGurk didn’t hear back from Kid Rock, and had no idea if the singer had seen his message. But it turned out the rocker had a big surprise up his sleeve.

On Monday, McGurk was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant in Clarkston, Michigan, when — you guessed it — Kid Rock walked in, singing “Happy Birthday.”

McGurk’s expression when he spotted the singer approaching really says it all:


(Watch the full surprise in the video above, which has been queued to start at 2:48.)

Kid Rock heard about McGurk’s invitation through friends, according to the Detroit Free Press, and didn’t show up to the party empty-handed.

According to 99.5 WYCD, the “American Bad Ass” star brought a hat, a photograph and a custom guitar as gifts.

"He got me lots of stuff,” a thrilled McGurk told WTOL-11. "He told me if I be good to my family and all my friends … I get free tickets to every Kid Rock concert."

Now that's one awesome birthday surprise!

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