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That Time Oprah Interviewed A Woman About Her Intense Sexual Experience With A Ghost (VIDEO)

Over the years, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" featured more than a few guests who claimed to have had supernatural experiences. In honor of All Hallows' Eve, we look back at this spooky tale from 1988, when Oprah interviewed a woman who said she had a close encounter with a very friendly ghost.

Marie Melsh -- who described herself as "really a very nice person" -- set the scene for Oprah. She said she came home from work one hot summer day, sat down by the window and lit a cigarette. "Suddenly, the smoke from the cigarette traveled to the window fan," she said. "It began to roil around furiously and became very dense and very black."

Melsh looked down at her carpet, which she described as a pattern-less, plush rug. "Suddenly, I became aware there was writing -- not three or four words, writing all over the rug -- and the writing was in various forms of script," she said. "They said terrible things. They said terrible things about me, they called me a whore. There were dates and names. My father's name was on the rug. There were dates that were meaningful to me. Some of it I couldn't make out."

Was she hallucinating? Melsh said she called her children, who also witnessed the ghostwriter. "They came immediately, and they could make out the words," she said. "They could see them, spell them."

Though Melsh's children wanted her to leave the home, she brushed them off. "I said, 'Oh, it's not going to hurt me,'" she said.

At this point in the video, Oprah was ready to hear about Melsh's ghoulish rendezvous. "What happened with the sexual intense experience?" she prodded.

"I'm getting to that," Welsh said. "It's hard to get into."

Welsh prefaced the story by saying that she hadn't been sexually active for years and was on "hypertensive medication," which "dulls all of your sexual urges -- you couldn’t care less."

Continuing, Melsh said she went from sound asleep to wide awake. "I awakened in my bed one night realizing that I was in the midst of a very intensive sexual experience," she said.

"Mmhmm," Oprah nodded.

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"I saw nothing," Welsh continued. "There was nothing that I could put my hand on, you know, it was just me. And this lasted a little while."

"How long?" Oprah asked.

"Well, it's pretty hard -- you don't watch the clock with this is happening," Melsh laughed. "I would say two or three minutes, possibly."

It wasn't a dream, Melsh said. "I did not physically feel another person, but I was having all the reactions, as if I was engaged in intercourse," she said.

Though the writing on the carpet continued, Melsh says that was her one and only erotic encounter. On the insistence of her children, she eventually moved out of that house.

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