10/31/2014 03:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cat Who Looks Like Hitler Survives Brutal Beating


Some cats have nein lives.

A feline Hitler-lookalike who was beaten so viciously he had to have an eye removed has made a full recovery, according to ITV.

WARNING: Some of the following images depict the cat's injuries and may be disturbing for some readers

Baz the Cat

Baz, a 7-year-old housecat, disappeared from his home in Gloucester, England last May. A few days later, a neighbor found the black and white cat in a trash can, severely injured.

'I couldn’t believe the state of him. His eye was all swollen, it was like a marble, Baz’s owner, 26-year-old Kirsty Sparrow, said, according to the Daily Mail. A vet told Sparrow that based on the cat’s injuries, it was “unlikely” he had been hit by a car and “was probably kicked.”

Baz was close to death and needed £600 — about $1,000 USD - in veterinary treatment, including the removal of his left eye. Newly released photos, however, show the impressive recovery of the adorable cat, and Sparrow says he’s once again confident enough to go outside, even though now he “stays in the garden.”

Sparrow suspects that Baz was targeted for abuse because of his distinctive black markings that make him appear to have a mustache like Adolf Hitler’s. Sparrow notes that’s the only thing her cat has in common with the infamous genocidal maniac.

“A lot of people say [Baz] looks like Hitler, but he is so timid and gentle,” she said, according to ITV.

While there’s no proof that Baz’s looks were what led to his abuse, a resemblance to Hitler may have negatively affected other cats in the past. In 2011, animal shelter staff in Godmanchester, England were convinced that a kitten’s Hitler-esque markings were causing people to overlook her for adoption.

On the other paw, tons of people seem to love it when cats look like Hitler, as is evidenced at the popular website,

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