10/31/2014 07:39 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2014

New Cookie Dunking Gadget Is For The Most Serious Of Dunkers

Dunkin' Buddy

Dunking cookies is serious business, and not just in the "how long should you dunk" way -- of which there have been many tests -- but in the money making way too. While we all know that you can dunk a cookie with your own two fingers, that hasn't stopped the market from flooding with new, easier ways for dunking. First there was the Dipr, which was basically a cookie hook. And now, there's the Dunkin' Buddy.

Dunkin' Buddy is a simple concept that's designed to "not only save cookies from breaking and getting lost in your cup, but makes multitasking easier," explains the inventor. Basically, the idea is that you can work and dunk at the same time. Two magnets are used on either side of a glass or mug to support a plastic cookie-holding tray. The cookie soaks without any work from you. While we would normally scoff at the necessity at such a gadget -- because who can't take a 30-second break to dunk a cookie with their own two fingers? -- there's something about the two inventors that makes us ready to order our Dunkin' Buddy right away.

Jason Wells and Kiana Machnicz, the inventors, are serious cookie dunkers themselves. They shared on Good Morning America that they "both like to dunk chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies for about 20 to 30 seconds to where they are soft to eat, but not so soft you can't pick them up without them falling apart in your hand. But Nutter Butter cookies can take well beyond that to soften." Do you guys hear what we hear? Serious cookie dunking nerdery. It's great.

The Dunkin' Buddy has far reached its goal in its Kickstarter campaign, probably because it spoke to other cookie-dunking nerds too. It is now in serious production mode. Stay tuned on their website for more information.

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