10/31/2014 04:30 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2014

'Ladyparts Justice' Parody Shows Just How Scary Personhood Legislation Really Is

It's becoming increasingly difficult to discern satire from reality when it comes to women's issues. As three states could decide that life legally begins at conception, a new parody conveys the rather frightening possibilities of the personhood amendments with a bit of humor.

Created by Ladyparts Justice the "Personhood Cops" sketch follows a police officer as she arrests a couple after they have unprotected sex. The personhood legislation will be on ballots in North Dakota, Colorado and Tennessee and states that life begins at conception, essentially criminalizing abortion and possibly leading to a ban on birth control.

Shot in the gritty, ride along style of "Cops," "Personhood Cops" follows police officers enforcing the new law. "Now that the law is life begins at conception, from the second that sperm touches that egg, it's got the same constitutional rights as you and me," one explains.

In the clip, the cop arrests the couple on three counts: 1. Endangering the life of a child (drinking after sex); 2. Exposing oneself to a minor (being naked in bed); and 3. Murder (having an IUD). While the video is an exaggerated satire, it's not too far from what could happen if this legislation is passed.

So, yes, your vote matters. Get out and vote on Nov. 4.

H/T WifeyTV

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