10/31/2014 12:11 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2014

Has The War On Halloween Come To Your Town?

Andrew Rich via Getty Images

Are you offending somebody when you say "Happy Halloween" today?

Fox News recently leaped all over a local school board that canceled some Halloween parades, although the district has since said that "religious objections by some parents were among several factors" that led to the cancellations, the local paper reported.

The kids, though, will still be able to utter the words "happy halloween."

Not so at another unnamed public school, according to a teacher there who posted on Twitter Friday morning:

The teacher declined to be named, saying that risking the job wasn't worth it.

Strange as it sounds, there are indeed people who object to Halloween on religious grounds, arguing it is tantamount to witchcraft or some such. The presence of actual witches (see photo above) on the sidewalk does make that, we suppose, a hard point to refute.

We're curious if your family, town or school is involved in any Halloween controversies this year. Let us know at openreporting@huffingtonpost.com.



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