11/01/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2014

Now You Can Dive To A Massive Underwater Sculpture Because Art

Jason deCaires Taylor

The Bahamas are known for pink-sand beaches, insanely cool private islands, pigs that swim and great diving. And near Nassau, we've found a new treasure that's definitely worth diving for -- an artwork that is, according to its creator, the largest single underwater sculpture in the world.

The sculpture, called "Ocean Atlas," is a rendition of a Bahamian girl that measures over 16 feet high and weighs more than 60 tons. Conveniently, "Ocean Atlas" also doubles as an artificial reef for marine animals. Created by British artist and diver Jason DeCaires Taylor, the sculpture sits underwater just off the coast of Nassau.

During low tide, divers will be able to see a mirror reflection of the sculpture in addition to the marine life that will live on "Ocean Atlas." The sculpture is intended to divert divers to artificial reefs (as opposed to natural ones) to prevent further damage of marine habitats.

Take a look!

Ocean Atlas

Previously, Taylor has created sculptures to support sustainable life for the Cancun Underwater Museum and multiple artificial reef-sculpture hybrids. According to his biography, Taylor "founded and created the world's first underwater sculpture park" off the coast of Grenada.

You can see the rest of Jason deCaires Taylor's work on his website or Facebook page.



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