11/01/2014 07:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

By The Time Election Night Ends, The Race May Only Be Getting Started

So that's about to happen: Tuesday Nov. 4 is Election Day, and we've enlisted HuffPost Pollster's own Mark Blumenthal to set the table. We'll take a look at the key question of the election: which party will end up controlling the Senate. Mark will tell us whether and how the polls we've been paying attention to are wrong. Most importantly, we'll discuss the reasons why we may not actually know all the results by the time election night ends.

Listen to this week's "So That's About To Happen" below:

An index of key moments in the discussion:

1:00- - Why The Elections Might Not Be Decided On Election Night

mitch mcconnell

11:27- - Let's Talk About The Senate Races

mary landrieu bill cassidy

22:27- How The Polls Are Wrong, Maybe?

greg orman

35:37- The Science Of Exit Polling

obama pat quinn

This podcast was edited by Ibrahim Balkhy and sound engineered by Brad Shannon, with assistance from Christine Conetta, Chris Gentilviso and Adriana Usero.

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