11/03/2014 11:14 am ET Updated Nov 03, 2014

Jon Stewart Says It Was 'Crazy Idea' For Him To Host 'Meet The Press'

Rick Kern via Getty Images

Jon Stewart thinks the idea of him hosting "Meet the Press" was "crazy."

Earlier this month rumors started swirling that NBC News had been eyeing the "Daily Show" star to replace David Gregory as host of the long-standing Sunday talk show before offering the gig to Chuck Todd. Though it was clear from the onset that Stewart wasn't interested, now, thanks to an interview with New York magazine's Chris Smith, published Sunday, we know why: "MTP" runs on access.

"I spent most [of the meeting] telling them what a crazy idea I thought it was and kind of going through all of the different reasons why I did not think it was appropriate either for me or for them," Stewart said. "That venue feels like an Establishment vehicle. They run on access. There’s a certain symbiosis with politicians. I am a part of an Establishment but in a slightly different element. We’ll do certain bits that would be disqualifying in terms of that person ever talking to us again."

Still, Stewart's contract with "The Daily Show" is up September 2015 and he's not opposed to leaving the door open for other opportunities.

Asked how much thought he's giving to what's next on the horizon, Stewart responded: "I’m thinking about it a lot."



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