11/04/2014 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Your Guide For Using Emoji Stickers In Real Life

We all know emoji are taking over the virtual world. But did you know they're taking over real life too?

That's right, emoji stickers are now a thing. So in the same way we no longer have to use "words" when texting, we can now avoid conversations in real life, too.


Emoji stickers pack includes all the emojis found on most mobile devices

We obtained some of these emoji stickers and quickly discovered the possibilities with these things are essentially endless. Here are just some of the ways you can use emoji stickers in your daily life. But believe us, there are many, many more.

Use Stickers To Decorate

Assign Them To Objects And People Based On How You Feel About Them
If you read a great book, give it a good and pass it on to a friend. If you see a cute guy/girl at a party, don’t bother with a cheesy pick up line -- just slap a heart sticker on his forehead and call it a day. Okay, that’s a little creepy. Maybe don’t do that. But you get the point.

Trade Them With Friends
Say, for example, you like the girl emoji but you love the heartstars emoji. Perhaps your friend, who loves the girl emoji, would trade you. It’s just like trading Pokémon cards except these cards are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and they aren’t cards at all. They’re stickers! Sidebar though, they should make a Pikachu emoji.

Make An Emoji Guide
You can take the sheets of stickers, bind them and voila! You have a comprehensive guide of all the emojis in order. What more could you possibly want? What more could you possibly NEED?

So embrace the fact that emoji are here to stay and release them from the confines of your smartphone keyboard. Now if only they would come to life. Hopefully that’s next praying .

Emoji stickers can be purchased at Emoji Stickers.

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