11/04/2014 03:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch Polar Bears Live On Camera As They Wait For The Big Freeze

Video from explore.org

It's Polar Bear Week again! That means it's time to indulge in hours of a polar bear live-stream during the annual bear migration to Churchill, a little town on the edge of Canada's Hudson Bay.

Thanks to an initiative by explore.org, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures, you can watch the polar bears live every day or catch the highlights after night falls. With a little luck, you could catch the bears cuddling with their cubs or sparring, like the bears below. The cameras can move to different locations aboard roving "tundra buggies" to catch all the action.

Video from explore.org

While these bears are cute and fun to watch, they're facing tough times thanks to climate change. Every year, the bears wait on the edge of Hudson Bay for the water to freeze over so they can resume hunting seals on the ice. But the ice in the bay is melting sooner in the spring and taking longer to form in the fall, cutting the polar bears' hunting season short. According to Polar Bears International, this lack of food has caused the Western Hudson Bay population to drop 22 percent in the last 30 years. Other studies have shown polar bears decreasing in size over the years.

While you keep an eye on the polar bears as they wait for the big freeze, the cam's partners hope you'll take the next step to help polar bears by speaking up about polar bears and cutting down your personal greenhouse gas emissions.



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