11/04/2014 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tattoo Artist Paints Infant's Head-Shaping Helmet, Turns Him Into Suave Flying Ace

Talen Rowan isn't a World War I flying ace, but he sure wears the look well.

The 5-month-old Ohio boy has to wear a helmet for the next seven months as a result of plagiocephaly, a medical condition where flat spots develop on an infant's skull. Thanks to tattoo artist Greg Chadwick, the cranial helmet isn't an awkward medical device -- it's a fashion statement even Snoopy would envy.

Chadwick spent 12 painstaking hours airbrushing the custom helmet after the Rowan family posted an ad for help online, and he did it for free, reports Fox Cleveland. In exchange, he told the family, "Don’t worry about it, just pay it forward or just do something nice for somebody down the road when you can."

Paula Strawn, an artist who paints baby helmets for a living, says the spiffy headgear serve more than a cosmetic purpose.

Instead of adults avoiding contact with the child because of helmet-based awkwardness, she told The Huffington Post in an earlier interview, "Often, it creates an opportunity to have a conversation and explain what the helmet is for and that it is not a scary situation."

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