11/05/2014 03:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Disney Lovers Will Get A Wicked Kick Out Of This 'Maleficent'-Themed Wedding Shoot

Some brides may dream of a wedding straight out of a pastel fairytale. Others might prefer something a little bit darker.

The Rebellious Brides blog put together a wedding photo shoot inspired by Disney's "Maleficent". The photos, taken by Proud Rad photography in the Batangas province of the Philippines, evoke the romantic noir feel of the film.

maleficent wedding

Rebellious Brides explained why they were inspired by "Maleficent," writing:

We grew up idolizing Cinderella and that's probably the reason why we are hung up on the "classic" kind of bride. But we've come to a new era -- a new era when children these days love characters like Elsa and Maleficent. Characters who are not your typical heroines -- they are in fact REBELLIOUS. We are moving towards a new generation of acceptance, to some extent you can even call it tolerance and that's what we wanted to celebrate in this concept shoot.

Instead of a white princess gown, the faux bride wears a plunging, black dress and deep crimson lipstick, channeling Angelina Jolie's commanding villainess. (The horns, wings and staff are optional.) Two bridesmaids were dressed in mismatched frocks, one in a soft pink shade and the other in an eggplant hue.

The overall color-scheme consists of rich purples, reds, greens and blues. The invitation suite, courtesy of InkScribbler, was designed with whimsical watercolors. The table, decorated with wildflowers and greenery, was meant to evoke "feelings of being in an enchanted woods."

"While this wedding had a dark side to it, it is still very much more about love," a rep for Proud Rad told The Huffington Post in an email Wednesday. "In the end, we don't want brides to be blindly following any trends, we just want them to come up with a wedding theme that showcases creativity, but is still very much about them."

Head over to The Rebellious Brides blog to see more photos of the faux wedding.

Maleficent Wedding

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