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Thursday's Morning Email: Rough Two Years Ahead for Obama

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WORKING TO FIND COMMON GROUND, FOR NOW “After a stinging rebuke at the polls, President Obama vowed Wednesday to respond to the frustrations of the American electorate by using his final two years to forge compromises with newly empowered congressional Republicans and break the political gridlock that has defined Washington over the past several years. ‘I hear you,’ Obama said at a White House news conference, a day after voters gave the GOP unilateral control over the legislative branch and dealt a blow to Obama’s agenda after six years in office.” Mitch McConnell offered a similarly conciliatory tone, as his party celebrated its victories. Yet with immigration reform still on the agenda, it's unclear how long this spirit of bipartisanship will last. [WaPo]

OBAMA WANTS CONGRESSIONAL SUPPORT FOR FIGHT AGAINST ISIS “President Obama said on Wednesday that he would seek specific authorization from Congress for the military campaign against the Islamic State, opening the door to a lengthy, potentially contentious debate over the nature and extent of American engagement in Iraq and Syria.” The move comes as the “group’s momentum appears to be stalling.” [NYT]

$6 BILLION TO FIGHT EBOLA “The Obama administration has asked Congress for more than $6 billion in emergency funding to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and secure the United States against further spread of the deadly virus. In a letter to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), President Obama said the money would fund a comprehensive strategy ‘to contain and end the outbreak at its source in Africa, enhance domestic preparedness, speed the procurement and testing of vaccines and therapeutics, and accelerate global capability to prevent the spread of future infectious diseases.’” And questions have risen over Canada and Australia’s Ebola travel bans. [WaPo]

U.S. HITS KHORASAN GROUP “The U.S. targeted senior leaders of the shadowy Khorasan Group Wednesday night with airstrikes conducted in Sarmada, a town in northwestern Syria near the city of Idlib. In total, the U.S. conducted five airstrikes with a combination of manned and unmanned aircraft, a defense official told FP. The official said the military is still assessing whether specific individual targets may have been killed.” [Foreign Policy]

FORBES: PUTIN EDGES OUT OBAMA AS MOST POWERFUL He doesn’t have to deal with that pesky Congress stuff. [Forbes]

THE THREE-YEAR COLLEGE DEGREE “To combat rising college costs and student debt, more schools are offering a time- and money-saving idea: a three-year bachelor’s degree. Schools including Purdue University, the University of Iowa and the University of South Carolina are betting that students will want to finish college sooner by spending a year less on campus.” [WSJ]

PREMATURE BIRTHS DROP At 11.4%, it’s the lowest rate in 17 years. [HuffPost]

FORGET DRONES: TAXIS ARE AMAZON’S FRONTIER The company is testing a variety of new shipping options to optimize delivery speed. [WSJ]



PIPPA MIDDLETON HEADED TO ‘THE TODAY SHOW’ It’s nice to have a princess for a sister. [The Daily Beast]

WHEN YOU PAY TEACHERS $125,000 “The Equity Project Charter School opened in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan five years ago, with a fairly simple concept: get rid of extra administrative positions and pay teachers a lot of money—a base salary of $125,000 plus benefits and potential bonuses after two years of teaching. (A New York City public school teacher with five years of experience, by comparison, makes between $64,009 and $75,796.)” [The Atlantic]

UBER NYC IS TWICE AS EXPENSIVE AS UBER DALLAS Free market capitalism at work. [The Verge]

‘A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS’ IS COMING TO NETFLIX The real question: will anything happy ever happen this go-round? [Deadline]

RATS IN NYC NOT AS BAD AS PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT There could be only a mere 2 million. [HuffPost]

100 WAYS TO DE-STRESS Because the holidays are always oh so stress-free. [HuffPost]

‘THE GIVING TREE’ AT FIFTY “It had the fern-green cover familiar from childhood, the same oversized dimensions, the same appealing sketch on its front—a squiggly drawing of a tall tree, its top spilling off the page, and a little boy, looking up at it. But instead of experiencing a pleasant rush of nostalgia, I was dismayed.” [The New Yorker]


‘THE ELECTION HANGOVER’ “According to the most recent national polls approximately 33% of us are probably upset, 33% are probably dancing in the aisles and most likely half of the other 33% are probably either one or neither one. We truly are a divided nation when it comes to our politics if you believe the polls and the media. However, two very recent respected polls shows we are much more united than we think.” [HuffPost]

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