11/06/2014 06:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tony Hawk Is Almost 50 And Still Doing Amazing Sh*t Like This (VIDEO)

Tony Hawk might be just four years from reaching the big 5-0, but he still skates like he's 15.

The legend released his newest video last week, proving he can still tear up the half pipe with little regard for gravity -- or his own safety. (Hint: Skip to the end -- 2:50 -- for the best part.)

"I can honestly say that I haven't worked on a skate video this hard since The End (a collaboration skate film released in 1998)," he wrote on his YouTube page, RIDE Channel. "I never want to do some of these tricks again."

This from the guy who, a few weeks earlier, ollie'd over a Mini Cooper full of people.

Even after three decades of pulling insane moves on four wheels, it's clear The Birdman has no plans of retiring any time soon.



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