11/06/2014 03:41 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2014

There Might Be Giants - Real Giants! Just Ask The Weird News Podcast


You're either really happy that you're a Giants fan, or really, really sad -- but we've got new giants to root for.

That's right, real giants. There are apparently real, historical accounts that suggest there was a real colony of 8- to 12-foot-tall giants roaming North America at some point. Yeah, we guffawed, too, when we first heard of History's new series, "Search for the Lost Giants."

But when we sat down with the show's stars, brothers Jim and Bill Vieira, we were pleasantly surprised to get answers to all the tough questions: Do you guys have sexual fantasies of giants? Have you ever lost a relationship because you've spent 20 years obsessing over big people who may or may not have existed? Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Listen up to learn more:

If you can't get enough of giants, read Weird News reporter Lee Spiegel's piece on the clues that may lead us to them. Then check out the Vieira brothers' new show:

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Giants Among Us