11/07/2014 03:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Know You Gave A Good Best Man Speech When...

If you want to know if you gave a good wedding speech (and by "good," we really mean mildly and appropriately embarrassing), look no further than the audience's reaction. That says it all.

Earlier this week, a best man named Nate posted this "priceless" photo, taken during his speech at his older brother's wedding, to Reddit. At the center of the photo you will see his parents very obviously (and hilariously) hanging their heads in shame.

Embedded via Imgur user imn8bro
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Nate explained on Reddit that he doesn't know for certain what he was saying at this point in the speech, but he has a hunch:

To be honest I have no idea at what point in this speech this picture was taken. Think I was talking about how my brother told me (at 5 years old) to give my mother the finger because it meant "I love you." He's a very quiet nice guy so I enjoyed breaking that image of him...I'm horrible at public speaking but I just had fun with it and relished the opportunity to embarrass him in front of 100+ friends and family.

That's what brotherly love is all about.

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