11/07/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2014

Here's Why Scandinavian Style Will Make Any Home Look Brighter And Bigger

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the decor style. But if you're thinking of trying something new in your home, consider the Scandinavian look. The video above walks you through the signature components of this style, which is based around the ideas of light and natural textures.

Though a few of the suggestions are geared towards those who are able to renovate their spaces, the tips on embracing white walls, adding wood accents and mixing furniture styles hold true for anyone. We'd go one step further and suggest "paring down clutter" as another key part of this look. For further inspiration, check out the blogs My Scandinavian Home and Emmas Design Blogg.

While this style is gorgeous, we think the real benefit to the Scandinavian look is that it makes any interior seem brighter and bigger with its clean lines, large windows and clutter-free space. What do you think?



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