11/10/2014 04:09 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Ball State University Offering Class On Dating

Tony Garcia via Getty Images

I’ve always said that colleges should work on offering classes that are actually useful in the real world. Real talk: I’m not often asked to do math (other than when I’m attempting to split up a bill, and subsequently failing, but that’s what phone calculators are for), do a quick translation, or explain, in detail, Foucault’s theories, and those are all classes that I took. I would love to know how to send an e-mail that doesn’t have an excessive amount of exclamation points but still sounds friendly, how to force a boy to date me without having to pretend that I’m super chill and like beer, and it would’ve been beyond fabulous if I learned a trick to make myself go out in the world when there’s a Netflix marathon that I’m deep into.

Luckily, Ball State University has a class that’s actually useful. I have 0 interest in living in Indiana (unless it’s Pawnee), but I might take a quick trip to Muncie to learn how to land a date.

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