11/10/2014 03:55 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2014

Fake Taylor Swift Explains What New York Is Really Like

A few weeks back, Taylor Swift was named Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City.

But Swift's New York -- the New York of $20 million Tribeca apartments and court-side seats at Knicks game -- isn't representative of most other people's New York.

In fact, most of the info and vocabulary NYC GO had the 24-year-old dole out to tourists and newcomers in neatly packaged videos isn't really that helpful at all.

That's where fake Taylor Swift comes in.

From YouTubers Keep It Simple Stupid, Fake Taylor Swift tells you the cold, hard truth about New York City. Like, how filling out a rental application is such a total breeze (as long as you are match a half-dozen criteria), how 311 is totally there for you and how taxis are your friend, because they're pretty reliable and they're easy to hail, unless you're anyone but Taylor Swift.



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