11/10/2014 02:14 am ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Rowan Atkinson Interviewing Elton John Is The Original 'Between Two Ferns'

Zach Galifianakis’ Funny or Die talk show “Between Two Ferns” is known for its irreverent style, deadpan humor and aura of complete and utter awkwardness. But Galifianakis is hardly the first to put high-profile guests in the hot seat only to insult and baffle them.

On Sunday, Redditor AngryBelgian proved this point by unearthing a clip from 1991 which shows British comedian Rowan Atkinson (of “Mr. Bean” fame) awkwardly interviewing Sir Elton John.

This is “the original ‘Between Two Ferns,’” AngryBelgian quipped.

The clip, which was apparently filmed at a benefit comedy show supporting HIV/AIDS awareness, shows Atkinson mocking the singer and grilling him about the origins of his moniker and whether or not he ever feels jealous of other performers.

“Funny name. ‘Elton,’” Atkinson says to his guest. “Did you ever consider ‘John Elton’?”

Watch the whole exchange in the video above.



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