11/10/2014 09:29 am ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Topless Keira Knightley Is Not Alone: 2014 Is The Year Women Reclaimed Our Boobs

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

It’s difficult to escape breasts these days. They’re on billboards in Moscow, causing hundreds of car crashes. They’re popping up on internet ads, promising women bigger ones. There are breast shampoo dispensers and a holiday gag gift you can’t unsee called Jingle Jugs. You can even buy some from the world’s strangest vending machine. It’s not that I mind seeing breasts everywhere; after all, I have two of my own that I quite like. But it’s disheartening that breasts are often considered more interesting than the women they’re attached to – as if we’re an afterthought compared to our body parts.

But now a bevy of women, in a matter of days, have taken back the tit. We’re reclaiming the rack, whether you like or not. (And you probably do.)

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