11/12/2014 07:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Beautiful ET Cookie Blurs The Line Between Baker And Artist

Everyone is quick to align baking with science and cooking with art, but there are many artists to be found amongst bakers. There's the baker who made a cake that looked just like a burrito. The mother who baked one that melted every cat lover's heart with its sweetness. And the blogger who iced cookies that made you relive the magic of the classic childhood movie, ET.

Actually, that's who we're going to talk about today. This food blogger, Amber of Sweet Ambs, is the Rembrandt of the baking world. Take a look at what she did with a classic sugar cookie.

With sugar icing, black food coloring and a paint brush, Sweet Ambs was able to recreate the allure of this 1982 Spielberg classic. Through Amber's expert use of shadow and light -- and sugar -- she has made one of the most beautiful cookies we've seen in a long time. It's breathtaking, nostalgic and edible.

ET is not the only magic Sweet Ambs makes with sugar and butter. She can make cookies that look better than your most treasured Christmas ornament. Sunflower cookies that are more beautiful than the actual plant. And in most cases, she provides a video tutorial to share with her readers how to become artist/bakers in their own homes.

Check out her ET and other movie-themed cookie tutorial and tap into your artistic side.

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