11/12/2014 05:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Ridiculously Charming 'Little Humans' Of New York

Brandon Stanton is arguably one of the most famous "faces behind the camera." His uber-popular blog "Humans of New York" has become a bestselling photo book, and the Facebook page where he shares his work has over 10 million "likes."

With his latest book, the photographer is focusing one particular group of New Yorkers: Kids! Like Humans of New York, Little Humans features colorful images of people Stanton met, photographed, and interviewed on the streets of the five boroughs. But, as the title suggests, these subjects are all mini NYC residents.

little humans

"Some of the best interviews come from kids, because they are so unguarded with their responses," Stanton told The Huffington Post in an email. The photographer follows a specific modus operandi when it comes to meeting children, he explained. "Whenever I photograph a kid, I always approach the parent first and explain the entire blog before I even acknowledge the child," he said. "But once I've gotten the parent's permission, I tend to sit on the ground and try to get on the kid's level as much as possible."

Still, Stanton doesn't alter his interview process all that much when he's talking to kids. "A lot of times I'll ask the same questions that I ask an adult: happiest moment, saddest moment, biggest fear, etc," he said, adding, "The questions may seem too tough for a child to answer, but a lot of times that difficulty results in some unexpectedly profound answers."

Here is a sample of images from Little Humans:

Little Humans

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