11/13/2014 04:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Does A Cowboy Win Any Fight With A Whip? Our Weird Podcast Has The Answer

Andres Jauregui / The Huffington Post

Ever seen a real cowboy whip a cigar out of someone's mouth? Now you can.

For this week's Hardcore Weird News podcast, gun-slingin', lasso-throwin', all-around-bad ass Chris McDaniel sat down to talk cowboys, rodeos, and the American West.

To get you in the mood, watch this video of McDaniel whipping a cigar out of the mouth of editor Sebastian Murdock (who only peed a little bit) and let us know what you think of the podcast in the comments below.

You can check out our previous episodes and other HuffPost Podcasts on iTunes The Huffington Post's Sound Cloud page. Thanks to our producer Katelyn Bogucki and our guest Chris McDaniel.

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