11/14/2014 09:13 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2014

15 Times When It's Totally Appropriate To Catcall

Square Dog Photography via Getty Images

Every time a woman makes it clear that she does not appreciate being catcalled, many men defend it by saying it's a compliment. And that reaction underscores a much deeper problem.

Earlier this month, a video that went viral showed the kinds of harassment one woman experienced while walking around New York City. As many more women spoke up in the aftermath, it became clear that this isn't simply an issue of objectification. Catcalling, at its core, is about the way women's agency gets compromised by men on a daily basis.

It can be confusing to know just when it's OK to catcall — not to be confused with the catcall's slightly larger and furrier cousin, the wolf whistle. Sometimes, it is appropriate — indeed, potentially necessary — to catcall in a variety of situations. And in the interest of fairness, we've created this handy guide of scenarios:

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