11/14/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Model Chrissy Teigen Always Has A Ham On Hand. Here's Why.

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You know that when you're talking to Chrissy Teigen -- nothing is off-limits.

So at Shutterfly’s Wine, Dine & D.I.Y. Design holiday event, we knew things were gonna get interesting. But before we got spoon knee-deep into discussing Reese's new peanut butter spread, Teigen told us some of the best holiday advice we've heard in a while. It's real, it's necessary, and everyone can agree: When it comes to holiday meals, you must, must, MUST have a backup.

"Always have a Honeybaked Ham on standby. I’ve never not had an Honeybaked Ham on standby. I always bust it out, cause something always goes wrong with the turkey. Everything’s always flawless and then the turkey sucks."

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Here's the rest of the holiday advice Teigen had for us:

On her go-to holiday dish:

"It's all about a casserole -- I find myself making way too many casseroles. As long as you can tell salty from too salty, you're pretty much good."

On making simple dishes beautiful:

"Dishes for me are everything when it comes to the holidays. I will make something in the frumpiest slow cooker and once it's poured into a beautiful porcelain plate it changes everything. A lot of my foods taste the same, honestly, because I use butter, garlic and onions in everything possible. But once they're presented differently, it gets a different vibe. Just think of it from a visual point of view."

On her ideal Thanksgiving:

"My dream is to one day actually have stuffing inside a bird and have that pic of it coming out of its ass."

On her obsession with resurrecting deep-fried turkey:

"It's pretty much no fail unless you're John and I," Teigen says. “[One year], the temp was just too high, and it just charred…We carved it, put gravy on it, put it in the oven. It was this awesome, slow-cooked gravy turkey.”

And her favorite deep-fried turkey recipe is...

Drumroll please... Alton Brown's! "Alton Brown makes the best deep-fried turkey brine. It's got like a pound of salt. It's so good."

There you have it folks! So this Thanksgiving, when you're serving your deep-friend turkey and whipping out a beautiful casserole dish, be sure to give thanks for Chrissy Teigen.



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