11/17/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

51 Reasons You Can't Stop Eating All Day Long At Your Corporate Desk Job

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1. There are 500 people in the office, chances are it's one of their birthdays. There is cake.
2. The CEO makes up for the 16 hours you spend hunched over under fluorescent lights by providing .
3. Your best friend gchats you restaurants she wants to try all day long.
4. The weekend will come and brunch needs to be planned starting Monday.
5. Your coworker has a stack of chocolate bars on her desk.
6. You're supposed to be revising an excel sheet.
7. Chewing is the most physical activity you get during the work day. Gotta keep moving.
8. It smells like someone's lunch from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
9. You can hear someone chewing.
10. You're hot.
11. You're cold.
12. Someone wants to go out for lunch. You already ate but you join anyway.
13. You do your best work when you're eating.
14. Your mouth is dry.
15. You need a distraction.
16. You are distracted.
17. You need to concentrate.
18. You're not hungry at all but you're craving something sweet.
19. You're not hungry at all but you're craving something salty.
20. You need something sweet again.
21. Your coworker asked you what did last night and it had something to do with food.
22. Searching for free food is part of the fun of working in a corporate office.
23. Free food undeniably tastes better (so you eat it, no matter what it is).
24. Your co-worker decided to "bake" (so you eat it, no matter what it is).
25. Your co-worker is "too full" to finish his lunch (so you eat it, no matter what it is).
26. You're hungover.
27. You're tired.
28. You're feeling mighty energetic.
29. You're thirsty but food is closer than water.
30. Your co-worker is eating something.
31. You're muted on a conference call.
32. You need something to do with your hands during this conference call.
33. The receptionist keeps candy on her desk.
34. It's lunch time.
35. It's snack time.
36. You didn't have breakfast.
37. Second breakfast! (It's a thing.)
38. You did have breakfast and you can't stop thinking about it.
39. You brought a really sad desk lunch.
40. You saw a picture of food on your computer.
41. You checked Instagram.
42. You read something about dieting and you can't imagine ever doing so.
43. Someone brought cookies!
44. Your co-worker is gluten intolerant so you need to test how you feel after eating something wheaty. (Someone really admitted to doing this.)
45. Someone sent an office-wide email about leftovers in the kitchen.
46. It's the day/week/month after Halloween/Easter/Valentine's Day/Hanukkah/Christmas/Rosh Hashanah.
47. There's a food truck outside the office
48. Does anyone want this granola bar?
49. If you don't eat it it will go bad.
50. Someone is talking about what they're having for dinner.
51. You are hungry.

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