11/18/2014 09:28 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

Abortion Clinic Protesters: 'Sidewalk Counselors' Or 'Sidewalk Terrorists'?


Demonstrators outside Planned Parenthood aren't just protesting abortion. What really worries them is that women would prioritize anything over motherhood.

Outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Boston, a woman in an oversize sweatshirt makes a beeline for the entrance, her head down, walking shoulder to shoulder with a male companion. Dozens of demonstrators stand a few feet away, praying, singing, and holding signs that display newborn babies or gory fetal heads. One demonstrator, Evelyn, wearing a "Choose Life" hat and carrying a fistful of anti-abortion pamphlets, approaches the woman: "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

The woman picks up speed, and responds with a curt, "Nope."

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