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Here's The 16-Year-Old Style Icon All The Cool Kids Should Know About

How does a street fashion designer attract famous fans like Wiz Khalifa and Lorde at the age of 16? You'd have to ask Asspizza, the Queens-born artist, designer and very reluctant high schooler who has found fame on Instagram and on the New York street style scene. Of course, he probably wouldn't give you a straight answer.

In a recent interview with Fader magazine, Asspizza (real name Austin Butts) talked about fame, fashion, social media and the annoying parts of being a teenager. He's previously appeared on Complex's "The Fashion Bros" with his fellow designer pal Mike the Ruler.


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has developed a reputation for his cartoonish designs, which he scrawls on T-shirts, backpacks -- pretty much anywhere -- using a Sharpie, ketchup or "anything that leaves a mark." He's been known to hang around New York's Union Square with his other fashionable designer and model friends.

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His nonchalance seems to be a pretty big part of his selling point. Stars like Wiz Khalifa wears Asspizza's clothes, but the designer's own wardrobe is hardly a stylist's dream. He told The Fader, "I just wake up and see all the clothes that are spread out on my floor and I say, 'Oh, I'll just wear the same jeans as everyday and I'll wear a random T-shirt.' And then people are like 'Whoa, you're an icon.' And I say 'No, I'm not.'"

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He has a similarly uncontrived approach to his social media, where he rants about school and takes photos of pizza. It seems to be working -- he's amassed nearly 12,000 Instagram followers.


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The attention has paid off: In an interview with Complex's "The Fashion Bros," Asspizza said kids will pay more than 200 bucks for one of his hand-drawn T-shirts.

What a weirdo

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Hey, if your fandom includes Lorde and Wiz Khalifa, your shirts might just be worth $200.

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