11/19/2014 12:55 pm ET

15 Marriage Proposals That Are Bound To Leave You Single

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A surefire way to screw up a marriage proposal is by planning something that doesn't fit your S.O.'s personality. If he's an introvert, don't ask him to marry you on the Jumbotron at a basketball game while thousands of people watch. If she's into big productions, don't propose in the middle of a Netflix bender.

But then, there are proposal ideas that are just universally bad, no matter who's involved. On Monday, Redditors shared some of the worst ways to go about popping the question.

Read 15 of the worst examples below:

1. "A guy I knew (a really stupid guy) got his girlfriend a diamond ring as a birthday present, not intending any larger message. She unwrapped it and said, 'Oh, Stupid Guy! Of course I will!' He went through with it rather than deal with the awkwardness. Didn't last."

2. "During someone else's wedding."

3."I know an idiot that used a Taco Bell hot sauce packet that said 'marry me?' to propose."

4. "Drunk. At a rock festival. With a ring made of two pieces of grass knotted together. She said yes and I realized I'd made a terrible mistake."

5. "With any plan that took less than an half a day to think up. Or in Walmart. Never do it in Walmart."

6."So this is a true story: The guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Disney World. That's very common, but people usually do it in front of the castle, usually with staff involved for pictures and stuff. Disney will do what they can to make it special. But no, this genius, this man of men, decided he had to step it up a notch: He decides to do it on Splash Mountain. At the peak. Right before the drop. Aaaand he dropped the ring."

7. "Spend about $80,000 on iPhones to make a shape of a heart and pop the question, like this guy did."

8. "A guy I used to work with tossed his wife the ring box and said 'Here, put this on.'"

9. "Tell your S.O.: 'If we get married before the end of the year I can put you on my taxes.'"

10. "I have a friend who was proposed to as such: Her ex-fiancé came home and started a fight with her and she eventually started to cry. He stormed out and then came right back through the door and proposed. His other idea was to have a cop friend of his pull them over and arrest him and then, while he was being arrested, he'd pop the question... I'm glad she is out of that relationship."

11. "Via text."

12. "I knew a guy who proposed by putting the ring in the cat litter box, on a cat turd. When she got home from work, he yelled at her to clean the cat box. It wasn't even their cat -- it was their roommate's -- and the litter box was in the roommate's bedroom, so of course she didn't want to clean the litter box. After several minutes of him yelling, she finally went to clean the litter and found the ring. She thought it was the roommate's. The boyfriend just said something like, 'No, it's yours. Marry me."

13. "By changing your relationship status on Facebook."

14. "My ex-coworker's husband proposed in the parking lot of a Burlington Coat Factory. He didn't have a ring either. He wanted to make sure she said yes before he spent the money on it."

15. "The worst? Putting a ring on a Big Mac."

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