11/18/2014 04:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Take A Virtual Ride On The World's Tallest Roller Coaster 'Skyscraper'

This story is about roller coasters.

Still with us? OK, then you are someone who can't be reasoned with and will for some unfathomable reason likely find it exciting that there is now a video showing the sheer terror that will envelop riders on the world's tallest roller coaster.

The Skyscraper is due to be unveiled in 2017 and will tower 570 feet over Orlando's International Drive. Construction on the Skyscraper will begin next year.

"The unique design of the coaster means more incredible, heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions in a vertical area than riders have ever before experienced,” Bill Kitchen, founder of the coaster's maker, US Thrill Rides, told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Skyscraper will be much taller than the current record holder, New Jersey's Kingda Ka, which is 456 feet high, according to ABC News.

The New York Daily News reports that people on the Skyscraper will travel at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Which anyone who's been in a car traveling at that speed knows is too fast.

So watch the video above of what will happen to people once this thing is constructed and then answer us these questions:

1. Why do you like roller coasters?

2. Don't you have enough stress in your life that adding another terrifying thing to it seems like overkill?

We are genuinely interested in answers to these questions.

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