11/19/2014 09:18 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2014

Starbucks Holiday Drinks, Ranked According To Hype


It's that time of year again: Thanksgiving hasn't even hit and stores are already decked out in holiday cheer. Lights are up on trees, stars are hanging from street lamps and little red cups are out in full form. We're not talking about Solo cups, but the ubiquitous Starbucks holiday cups, of course. These cups have become so highly anticipated each year there is even a website counting down their debut. The holiday cups dropped on November 6, marking the official start of Starbucks' holiday drink season.

Since you've been enjoying your Pumpkin Spice Latte since August, you're probably ready for some wintery drinks. Starbucks has got you covered with more choices than you probably care to make. Whether you're rushing to get the new Chestnut Praline Latte or running from it, Starbucks holiday drinks are pretty hard to avoid. Inevitably, you'll probably end up having one this holiday season... So which one's it gonna be?

In our humble opinion, we believe there are some obvious winners and some obvious losers (sorry, Chestnut Praline, but you're out). We don't have to tell you which drinks are good or bad, however. The Internet will do that for you. Considering the mass hysteria that broke out when Starbucks tried to take away the Eggnog Latte, and the annual sh*t storm that occurs around the Pumpkin Spice Latte (we're looking at you, Umami Burger), the general public clearly obsesses over certain holiday drinks, while leaving others out in the cold. Here's a list of all the Starbucks holiday drinks, ranked according to hype.

Starbucks Holiday Drinks In Order Of Hype

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