Would-Be Texas Car Thieves Try To Steal Vehicle With Cop Sitting Inside

Sometimes, things just land right in your lap.

A police officer in Texas was well positioned to fight crime when two alleged thieves attempted to steal an unmarked squad vehicle as he sat inside of it.

Haltom City Detective Tony Miller was warming up the engine around 5 a.m. on Tuesday when the suspects parked nearby in a black Ford Mustang.

“I hadn’t been in the car but a minute, and I saw this car drive by, turn around and park right alongside me on the street,” Miller told the Star-Telegram. “I thought this wasn’t going to turn out good, so I pulled out my gun and waited.”

Miller said the suspect attempted to wipe frost off of the tinted windows and then, without noticing the car was occupied, tried to open the door. That's when Miller took action.

“I said, ‘Police! Show me your hands!' and he, of course very startled, shocking look on his face, turned around and started running,” Miller said, according to MyFoxDFW.

The suspect still in the Mustang also bolted. With the help of back-up, Miller pursued the driver of the Mustang, who eventually crashed into a liquor store and was taken into custody. Authorities continue to search for the suspect who fled on foot.

The captured man now faces charges of attempted theft and evading arrest.