11/19/2014 01:58 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2014

When It Comes To Sex And Dating, Here's How To Know When The Time Is Right

How soon is too soon?

That seems to be the pressing question countless people living the dating life have when it comes to the introduction of sex into new relationships. While the act itself is supposed to be a stress reliever, making the decision to go there with a new partner can be extremely stressful. Relationship and dating expert Bernardo Mendez and serial dater Sha'ahn Williams joined HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker to discuss the best ways of approaching sex when dating.

"I think that the sex question is always a stressful thing for both people," said Mendez. "For a lot of the people I connect with, they find out that figuring out when to have sex with someone is like an art form, and there's not a specific guideline you can follow other than perhaps figuring out that if you want lifelong commitment, maybe it's worth waiting until the person is exclusive with you, and if you just want to have fun, maybe you can do it on the first time."

While Williams agreed that it can be a stressful decision for both people in the relationship, she also thinks that it can be simplified by tuning into how you feel individually about it.

"If you're comfortable in your own skin and you know what you want, then it shouldn't be a problem," she said. "I don't think you should look for the other person's reaction or say they deserve it or they don't deserve it -- that's a more societal type of pressure ... You just have to know what's morally OK for you, what's good for your self-esteem. it's totally personal."

To hear more of their conversation about when to introduce sex into a new relationship, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.



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