Lewis Black Breaks Down Fox News' Love-Hate Relationship With Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. Either you love it, you hate it, or you're Fox News and can't make up your mind.

Lewis Black returned to "The Daily Show" on Wednesday night to take on one of America's most polarizing non-holidays, adeptly summing up the frenzy that has now spilled over into Thanksgiving.

"Trample a guy on a Tuesday afternoon, you get charged with assault. But do it in a Walmart on Black Friday? You get a PS4!"

Over at Fox news, Black noticed that there seems to be a disconnect between what the network thinks about workers having to miss dinner with their families to work on Thanksgiving, and mall stores being fined if they don't open on Thanksgiving.

"So, let me get this straight: You can't make a store open on Thanksgiving -- it's just a poor corporation -- but people? 'Punch in and shut the f**k up! You can see your family in January.'"

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