11/20/2014 04:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Trunkster's No-Zipper Suitcase Has A Surprise Feature You Have To See

Looking for a sleeker, more efficient suitcase? Check out Trunkster.

The company, which makes zipper-free luggage with "intelligent features," launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday and far surpassed its goal of $50,000. As of Thursday afternoon, Trunkster had raised over $120,000. Once you see this thing in action, the attraction is obvious.

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Trunkster bags open with a sliding door and are equipped with GPS and a digital scale, as well as a USB port and removable battery for charging gadgets on the go.

“Because I travel a lot and often live out of my suitcase, I've become very aware of the drawbacks [of most suitcases]," Trunkster co-founder Gaston Blanchet told The Huffington Post. "If you’re trying to get something out of your luggage quickly, it's tough because you have to lie it down and unzip it just to get a sweater out. I thought there had to be a better system."

From there, he came up with the idea for the sliding door, which has a "rigid exterior and corrugated, malleable interior," according to Trunkster's Kickstarter page. You have to push a button to unlock it, Blanchet explained, and then it slides right open.

There are two Trunkster models available. The small carry-on bag (22 inches by 14 by 9) retails at about $500, according to Blanchet, while a larger suitcase (27 inches by 19 by 11) retails at $600. The company's Kickstarter ends Jan. 15, 2015, and the items should ship in August.

Blanchet has also been in touch with Diego Saez-Gil, board member at Bluesmart, another company that makes suitcases with high-tech features. Bluesmart drummed up a whole lot of attention when it launched an extremely successful Indiegogo campaign last month, and Blanchet says he has considered working with the company on future products, though nothing seems to be in the works just yet.

“About a month before [Bluesmart] launched under Indiegogo, I found out my friend [Saez-Gil] was working on some luggage, and we sent a couple of messages back and forth," Blanchet said. "We've talked about a possible collaboration down the road, but Bluesmart focuses more on smart features, while we're trying to solve an industrial design problem.”



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