11/21/2014 02:30 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2014

'Today' Show Hosts Undergo Testicular Exam On Live Segment

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Last month, we told you that "Today" co-hosts Willie Geist and Carson Daly would be undergoing testicular exams during a live on-air segment. Well today, it happened.

"When I heard what you guys were doing, I thought it was nuts!" co-host Savannah Guthrie said on "Today."

The male co-hosts said they decided to broadcast their exams because people tend to be "skittish about going to the doctor.”

"This isn't just your average, when you go for a physical and you turn your head and cough," Daly said, warning viewers that the doctor was going to do "a little bit more than that."

Geist was up first. His entire exam was broadcast, although he was behind a closed door with the doctor and could not be seen. Moments later, Geist emerged from the exam room seeming pretty optimistic.

"I made it," he said. "It's not bad at all. It took a few seconds."

Those few seconds, however, can be the difference between life and death. One person is diagnosed with testicular cancer every 25 hours, the doctor told Carson and Geist; however, there is a 95 percent survival rate if the cancer is caught early.