11/23/2014 10:44 am ET Updated Nov 24, 2014

'SNL' Spoofs Obama Immigration With 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Cold Open

"Saturday Night Live" transported everyone back to their childhoods last night when it took on the classic educational program "Schoolhouse Rock!" for its cold open.

The show spoofed the favorite "I'm Just A Bill" segment (because who doesn't love that song?) to comment on President Obama's immigration reform. Keenan Thompson played the titular bill and explained that he's an immigration bill that "one day might become a law." But then Obama showed up and shoved poor Bill down the steps of Capital Hill. In walked a new part of the kids' segment: the Executive Order.

Bobby Moynihan's Executive Order, or as Obama says, an "easier way to get things done around here," had no idea that he's granting "legal status" to five million immigrants. "Oh my god, I didn't have time to read myself!" Moynihan said in shock.

It should be noted that the sketch's portrayal of the executive action wasn't entirely accurate. The change doesn't offer "legal status" to beneficiaries. It only provides that they won't be deported for a renewable, three-year period, during which time they may apply for work authorization.

Also, the change was carried out through executive action, rather than an executive order, though the two types of measure differ little in practice.

Check out the full sketch above and feel nostalgic for the days a substitute teacher would pop "Schoolhouse" into the VHS player.



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