11/24/2014 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Couple Invites 'Lonely' Homeless Man To Thanksgiving Dinner So He Can Have Holiday He Deserves

This year, this man has two people to be thankful for.

Neal Shytles of Norfolk, Virginia, spends his holidays by himself as he is homeless with no family living nearby, WTKR reported.

"I am lonely like 365 days a year but Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of the worst days, and I really miss having some kind of family atmosphere around me," Shytles told WTKR.

Wishing for a traditional Thanksgiving with others, Shytles posted an ad on his local news station's Facebook page, asking to spend the holiday with a family, the outlet reported. While the ad attracted several volunteers offering to take him in as a guest, Ashley and Cory LeMore of Newport News, Virginia, contacted Shytles first. The couple plans on hosting him at their Thanksgiving table.

"I was crying when she called me and I had to excuse myself because I was emotional," Shytle told WTKR about the moment he first heard the LeMores' offer.

The LeMores will make a trip to Shytle's town to pick him up and bring him to their home for the holiday, where he'll finally be surrounded by the family atmosphere he was looking for -- something he says he's overjoyed with.

"I love both you and your husband even though I haven't met you," the Virginia man told WTKR of his gratitude toward Ashley and her husband. "Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.”

While Shytle says he's ecstatic about having a family to spend Thanksgiving with, he's not the only one excited about it.

"I just look forward to having him in our house and a part of our family for the day," Ashley told the outlet.

The holidays can really bring out the best in people. Take NYPD officer Larry DiPrimo, who, after seeing a homeless man who was spending a cold winter night without shoes back in 2012, decided to take action. In true holiday spirit, DiPrimo went into a nearby store and bought the man a pair of sneakers and thermal socks. His actions were even lauded by Mayor Bloomberg as "an important reminder to give back this holiday season."

Entrepreneur and founder Peter Shankman was in the giving spirit last year when he decided to use his airline miles on others. Shankman chose 25 people, who couldn't afford to visit their families, and gave them his miles to see their loved ones for the holidays.

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