11/24/2014 06:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is What Goes Through The Head Of A Random Plus-One At A Wedding

Getting asked to be someone's date to a wedding is awesome -- you get to dress up, dance, drink and eat cake on someone else's dime.

But it can also be a little awkward, especially when you've never met the bride, the groom or any of their family and friends. On Sunday, one Redditor, who was a plus-one at a wedding where he didn't know a soul, shared some very practical words of wisdom on an advice card he left for the newlyweds.

When asked for a favorite story or memory of the bride or groom, he wrote:

"My favorite memory of the groom is the day he married the bride. It's actually my only memory of the groom and/or bride." - Random Guy At Your Wedding

This dude is one random guest we actually wouldn't mind inviting.

H/T Reddit

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