11/25/2014 11:52 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2014

Powerful Photos Show The Nationwide Response To Michael Brown Won't End Any Time Soon

On the night after an announcement of a St. Louis County grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, protesters around the U.S. continued to assemble and raise their voices as they demanded justice for Brown's death on Tuesday evening.

In New York City, groups swarmed major streets and bridges, including the Lincoln Tunnel, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. A march paused on Wall Street to observe a moment of silence, then sang "We Shall Overcome." After a crowd refused orders to disperse from Times Square, police moved in and made several arrests, the New York Times reported.

Marches in Washington D.C. prompted warnings of street closures from police and groups of protesters shouted "Shut it down!" in front of government buildings. Videos posted to social media showed what appeared to be an American flag set ablaze. HuffPost's Diane Jeanty saw protesters enter an area Wal-Mart, chanting, "We are better than this."

In Baltimore, protesters blocked streets and staged a "die-in'' by laying down in front of police headquarters. A march resulted in the entrance to a major interstate being shut down, the Baltimore Sun reported.

More than 20 people were arrested during protests in Boston that brought traffic on several roads to a halt, WHDH reported. Meanwhile, a large group of protesters chanted "Black lives matter" outside of a local jail to show support for inmates.

Hundreds of college students voiced their anger over the Ferguson decision in front of the CNN Center in Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Across the country, a photographer for the Kansas City Star was arrested during demonstrations in Kansas City, the paper reported.

In Minneapolis, a protester was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a car reportedly plowed through a group of demonstrators, the Star Tribune reported.

Protesters shut down an interstate in Nashville, streets in Denver, two interstates in Atlanta, and took over streets in San Francisco, echoing the anger felt around the country over Brown's killing.

An estimated 130 protests were planned in more than 30 states for Tuesday night, according to an assessment made by CNN.

After a night of violent protests in Ferguson, the protests across the country emphasized how charged Brown's killing has become. In his first interview since he shot Brown on Aug. 9, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson defended his actions, telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that there is nothing he would have done differently. But many question Wilson's actions and the grand jury's decision. Earlier on Tuesday, attorneys representing the Michael Brown family condemned how the case was handled by the prosecution and claimed that "a first-year law student would have done a better job."

Here are photos of protests held around the nation on the second night of protests since the grand jury's announcement:

Protesters Continue to March Over Ferguson Decision

HuffPost's Ryan Reilly, Mariah Stewart, Christine Conetta, Sam Stein, Diane Jeanty, Paige Lavender, Samuel Levine, Ed Mazza, Anna Dickson, and Christy Havranek contributed to this report.

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