11/25/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Nov 25, 2014

'Law And Justice Aren't The Same': Interview With A UVA Rape Survivor

Chris Parker / Design Pics via Getty Images

In the history of UVA, only 14 students have ever been found guilty of sexual misconduct. One of these cases was adjudicated in September 2006, while I was attending the school as an undergrad, and—though I didn't know it at the time—in class with the woman (who we'll call Kelly in this interview) who'd spent 10 months waiting for her case to be tried.

We haven't seen each other since that semester, but when I saw her allude to her experience on Facebook, I reached out, wondering what it takes to get a case through UVA's fairly complicated internal system. We talked on the phone this weekend, and what I found out was: it takes a lot.

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