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11 Realizations That Will Change The Way You Think About Your Favorite Movies

How did we all miss these things the first time? There are certain gaping plot holes in movies that make you question larger aspects of the premise. Couldn't Rose have fit Jack onto that floating door? How did the Karate Kid win with a kick to the face when that was strictly forbidden?

These are not those plot holes. Instead, we give you some peculiar realizations about certain blockbuster movies that probably won't ruin them for you forever, but might make you think twice the next time you watch:

1. The promoter in "School of Rock," who convinced all those adults to show up to a local Battle of the Bands on a weekday morning, deserves a raise.

TK TK gifs

The climactic scene would have been way less fun to watch if the band of kids had been playing to a more realistic crowd of their parents, miscellaneous event staff and maybe a handful of others. Instead they played to thousands of people who not only showed up, but didn't just wait outside for their friend's band to play. Those kids will probably never see such a big crowd again.

Reddit: Andy Vale

2. The supercouple name for Katniss and Peeta from "The Hunger Games" would either be Katpee or Peeniss.

katniss peeta

Both would be hilarious on the cover of tabloids.

Reddit: beinagrind_i_skapnum

3. Willy Wonka got really lucky that all those Golden Ticket winners spoke English.

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Although the Wonka chocolate bars were sold all over the world, the winners were German, English and American -- not including the Paraguayan millionaire who tried to forge his way to victory. Since Willy Wonka is attempting to give the company over to the winner, this lack of language barrier worked out very conveniently.

Reddit: surfkaboom

4. The other elves totally could have made Buddy his own furniture, since they were such good craftspeople.

buddy the elf north

They couldn't have taken, like, one afternoon off from building tchotchkes to make a proper bathroom for poor Buddy?

Image: New Line Cinema

5. The lobsters in the Titanic's kitchen really lucked out when the ship sank.

titanic sinking lobsters

Maybe the crippling rubber bands on their claws still would have led to their demise, but it's a nice thought that some creatures may have benefitted from the downfall of the ship. It's also questionable whether live or frozen lobsters were served on the menu, but for a fictional account of what it was like to be a lobster on the ship, you can read the "erotic masterpiece" novel, "Lobster."

Reddit: ElBretto

6. For a movie about street racing, there isn't a single pothole in "The Fast and the Furious."

TK TK gifs

These cars are going fast both through city streets and highways, often with no pre-planned route mapped out as they're in pursuit or evading a chase. Surely our infrastructure isn't so pristine that they can keep driving so furiously smooth.

7. If "Carrie" were rated G, it'd basically be "Matilda."

matilda carrie

One of these movies stars a young girl with an unsatisfying home life who uses her newfound special powers to trick school administrators and parents. The other is the same thing with a lot more pig blood.

Reddit: Astrokiwi
Image: WikiCommons, WikiCommons.

8. The Monsters, Inc. employees probably walked in on a lot of kids "growing up."

TK TK gifs

Let's not think about this too much, but sneaking unannounced into the rooms of children probably led to quite a few awkward moments where everyone involved was scared.

9. If Luke Skywalker was supposed to be hiding from Darth Vader as a kid, he probably shouldn't have kept his father's last name.

star wars poster

Luke and his sister, Leia, were supposed to have died with their mother, but were secretly hidden away in the galaxy so Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, didn't know about their existence. Choosing to hide Luke as a Skywalker on Vader's home planet probably shouldn't have worked.

Flickr: xadrian

10. "Catfish" is like a more honest remake of "You've Got Mail."


Now that we've all got to experience the internet for a couple more decades, the believability that both Shopgirl and NY152 were people as delightful as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks seems pretty improbably. "The F-O-X and the Catfish" would probably be a much more fitting movie title.

11. How easy would it have been for Voldemort to do an Accio spell on Harry Potter's glasses?

Or alternately...

TK TK gifs

Those glasses were muggle-made, so didn't come with any pre-existing charms to prevent looting. That said, as the image above suggests, Harry Potter could have also just brought a gun to the wand fight.

BONUS: Iron Man's suit isn't actually made out of iron.


On the Marvel website, it's explained that the suit is not made of iron "because iron is very dense and heavy, it rusts and isn't nearly as hard as some of its own alloys such as steel." The site suggests the suit is probably made of an alloy called nitinol. "Here comes Nitinol Man" just doesn't have the same ring to it though.

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