11/25/2014 12:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Direction Fans Can Make Anyone Famous -- And They Chose Jerry The Lamp Builder

In a post-#AlexFromTarget world, literally nothing about Internet fame should surprise you anymore. But one subset of teens on Twitter, the all-mighty One Direction fandom, just found a new, equally-random Twitter icon in Jerry Riekert, aka @jrtoh15, a 50-year-old dad from Long Island who makes lamps and kind of likes One Direction.

On Sunday night, the unsuspecting dad tweeted:

Directioners noticed his tweet after One Direction's AMA performance and responded appropriately:

Jerry couldn't have been more surprised:

Sure the lamp man was trying to play it cool. But there's evidence of his fandom dating back to December:

Naturally, this time around, it didn't take long for @jrtoh15 to get some meme-ified:

And while @jrtoh15 is just becoming familiar with the wonders of One Direction, he clearly already knows how Twitter fame works. Proof? Here he is, with a little casual self-promotion:

He even offered to meet the 1D-ers halfway, in the form of: One Direction lamps!

Loyal-ish fans of @jrtoh15 are freaking out, of course:

And loving his adorable dad-like cluelessness:

Long live weird Internet fandom, where a simple dad and his lamps can rise to fame overnight.

h/t Buzzfeed

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