11/27/2014 09:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Target 10 Releases 'Home For The Holigays' Infographic Detailing Queer Holiday Travel Experience

What are experiences like for gays and lesbians who travel home for the holidays to visit their families in 2014?

In pursuit of the answer, Target 10, a gay marketing agency for top-tier consumer brands, products and services, asked 150 gays and lesbians about their holiday travel experiences. Through these responses the company developed an infographic titled "Home for the Holigays" that provides a survey of what these trips are like for queers who visit their families during November and December.


The findings are intriguing. According to Target 10, 90 percent of gays and lesbians visiting their families sleep in the same bedroom, even outside of the more liberal eastern and western coastal regions. Additionally, "the majority of couples showed mostly unchanged levels of affection in front of family, whereas only about half of single respondents are even out to their entire family."

Curious to learn more? Check out the infographic above.

Happy Holigays!



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