11/29/2014 10:35 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2014

Busta Rhymes Went 'Hard,' Fell Off Stage At Surprise Performance

Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

Busta Rhymes surprised fans at an O.T. Genasis show in New York City on Thursday night, but he turned up a little too hard.

The rapper came on stage at Webster Hall to support O.T. during his viral hit "CoCo," but as soon as the song started Busta began nodding his head a little too much. The rapper, who was holding a bottle of Hennessy and smoking a cigar, took one step too many forward and fell off stage into the crowd. According to photos from TMZ, Busta got up from the crowd with a bloody forehead and was ushered off the dance floor by security guards.

The rapper is okay though, tweeting that he was "super good" on Friday. Busta took to Twitter to say that when you're "passionate about winning u go hard" and attributed his fall to how good the song "Coco" is. After all, Busta has always had that mentality since his 2001 song "Break Ya Neck."

Watch a video of the fall below.

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