11/30/2014 09:50 am ET

HuffPost Live Celebrates Big Cat Week With Insanely Adorable Tiger And Lion Cubs (VIDEO)

National Geographic's Big Cat Week is in full swing, and to honor the occasion, big cat wrangler Boone Smith visited HuffPost Live with a precious baby tiger and lion.

While the six-week old tiger looks pretty cute and cuddly at this moment, Smith said this ball of fluff will grow up to be one of the largest cats on earth.

"Siberian tigers are the largest. Males can grow to be over 600 pounds. These guys are huge." he explained.

The cub's just beginning to evolve into the massive cat he'll go on to be.

"He's starting to be able to get around, a lot of strength and mobility," Smith said. "This is when they're at an age when they're super fun and playful, just adorable to watch."

Enjoy some incredible tiger cub cuteness in the video above, and watch more from HuffPost Live's segment with Boone Smith and his adorable companions here.

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